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Call RuleSet

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The dialog shown below controls the Call RuleSet options.


A Call RuleSet action simply calls another rule set in some existing rule set. When this action is encountered, the rule engine leaves the normal flow and go to the called rule set (which may contain many rules as well). It executes all the rules that have been defined in the called Rule Set. After the execution of all of them, it will return to its point from where it left the original flow. Let's take an example to clarify it a little further.


Let's say that Rule 1 has two actions - Action 1 and Action 2. The Action 1 of Rule 1 is an include (Call Ruleset) action. If the filter condition result of Rule 1 evaluates to true, it will execute the Action 1. Since Action 1 is the include action in this example, it will go to the included rule set and will execute its filter condition. If that filter condition evaluates to true, it will execute all of its actions and will return to Action 2 of Rule 1 (of normal flow) and if on the other hand, the filter condition of the included rule set evaluates to false, it will skip all of its actions and will come back to the Action 2 of Rule 1 (of normal flow).


Note that there is no limit on including the rules which means that a rule that has been included in another rule may contain another rule in it which might contain another rule in it and so on.




Call Ruleset Dialog



Ruleset to Call

File Configuration fields:



Select the Ruleset to be called.


Note: Call RuleSet stays disabled until you have more then "One" RuleSet!