Creating an Initial ConfigurationΒΆ

MonitorWare Agent actually contains the features of five products in it. In order to get MonitorWare Agent running be sure to go through the Tutorial section, once you have read this section.

MonitorWare Agent can work as:

Data gatherer

Here, it gathers event data from important sources like Windows event logs, text files, ping and port probes and the like.

Real Time Alerter

Alert conditions can be detected in real time and alerts be issued. Alerts can be sent via email and various other means. Alerts based on data gathered by the data gatherers can be configured with respect to different parameters.

Automatic Admin Actions

Depending on certain events, administrative actions can be automatically initiated, for example the deletion of temporary files in a low-disk space condition.

Relay Server

MonitorWare Agent can be used to build, highly scalable, complex systems with relay servers between locations or networks. As a relay server, it forwards incoming events to another instance of MonitorWare Agent or a Syslog daemon.

Event Repository

All gathered event data can be stored in a repository. The repository is a database providing the base for all other MonitorWare products. Events can also be stored in text files. With a specific configuration, a secure log repository can be created for auditing purposes.

MonitorWare Agent can perform any mix of the five functions on a given machine. There are no limits inside the product. Right after installation, however, it is not configured for any of the above functions. So in order to have it do some useful work, it needs to be configured.