Comparison of propertiesΒΆ

Available in MonitorWare Agent, EventReporter and WinSyslog

The property replacer is a reference - the actual properties are very depending on the edition purchased. We have just included information on what is available in which products for your ease and convenience.

Properties Available  MonitorWareAgent  WinSyslog  EventReporter

Standard Property            Yes           Yes         Yes
Windows Event Log            Yes                       Yes
Syslog Message               Yes           Yes
Disk Space Monitor           Yes
File Monitor                 Yes
Windows Service Monitor      Yes                       Yes
Ping Probe                   Yes
Port Probe                   Yes
Database Monitor             Yes
Serial Port Monitor          Yes
MonitorWare Echo Request     Yes
System                       Yes          Yes          Yes
Custom                       Yes          Yes          Yes
NNTP Probe                   Yes
HTTP Probe                   Yes
FTP Probe                    Yes
SMTP Probe                   Yes
POP3 Probe                   Yes