MonitorWare Agent 1.0 Beta 2 released

Adiscon GmbH today announced the immediate availability the 1.2 beta 2 release of the MonitorWare Agent. The release has been available finished an made available a few days ago. After passing the first steps in reality, it is now publicly announced.

Beta 2 is feature complete and very close to what will become version 1.0.
There are numerous enhancements over the 0.8 preview release, so we do not list them one by one. Please note that the MonitorWare Agent will become the high end agent product of the MonitorWare line of products. WinSyslog and EventReporter are very vital members of this family and they will be enhanced in parallel to the MonitorWare Agent. Version 1.0 of the Agent is scheduled for the end of January – if user feedback on the beta is as we expect.

The MonitorWare Agent 1.0 Beta 2 release is a free download found at our web site. Interested users should download and try out the version.

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