Local Reseller

Adiscon works directly with customers all over the world. In some cases, customers prefer to work with local resellers. If you would like to do that, please us via the Customer Service System and ask which resellers are available in your region. Please be sure to include your country with the email. It would also be helpful if you let us know the product(s) you are interested in, because we sometimes can provide a better reference.

We at Adiscon work very closely with our resellers, but have no direct control over their business rules and policies. Please note that if you order via a reseller, the deal is closed between you and the reseller. Most importantly, this means we can not deliver license keys directly to you. If you have lost your key, or have any other commercial question, you need to turn to your reseller. We must do this to protect the vital business interest of the reseller, which in those cases is our direct customer.

Of course, orders can also be placed directly via Adiscon’s secure online order site.