MonitorWare Agent Features – Other Miscellaneous Features

MonitorWare Agent Features – Other Miscellaneous Features

External Events

Events are accepted via a standard Syslog server and hence all Syslog-enabled devices can be included in the MonitorWare system. This includes popular devices like routers and switches as well as printers and a large number of UNIX/Linux based systems and applications. Virtually all currently existing network devices support Syslog therefore MonitorWare Agent can monitor all of them.

To reach an even broader device range, MonitorWare Agent not only supports standards compatible Syslog but also it supports popular extensions like Syslog over.


The MonitorWare system is modular and highly scalable. If a single server is to be monitored, MonitorWare Agent can provide all monitoring and alerting needs. However, multiple MonitorWare Agents in a complex, hierarchical network can talk to each other and provide both local and central alerting and event archiving.

Zero-Impact Monitoring

MonitorWare Agent has no noticeable impact on system resources. It was specifically written with minimal resource usage in mind. In typical scenarios, its footprint is barely traceable. This ensures it can also be installed on heavily loaded servers.


MonitorWare Agent is written to perform robust even under unusual circumstances. The reliability of the product is proven since 1996.

Ease of Use

MonitorWare Agent is easy to install and configure. Comprehensive step-by-step guides and wizards help administrators with setting up even complex systems.

Firewall Support

Does your security policy enforce you to use non-standard ports?. MonitorWare Agent can be configured to listen on any TCP/IP port for Syslog messages.

Runs on large Variety of Windows Systems

Windows 4.0, 2000, XP, 2003; Workstation or Server – MonitorWare Agent runs on all of them. We also have Compaq (Digital) ALPHA processor versions on platforms supporting this processor (service only, available on request).

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