How to setup file monitoring for ISA Server?

Created 2003-05-23 by Lutz Koch.

How to setup file monitoring for ISA Server?

Since ISA Server logfiles are W3C based simple textfiles, they can be processed by MonitorWare Agent. To monitor the ISA logfiles, you just have to setup a File monitor service in the Agent:

Right-click on the services node and select “Add Service”. Then, select the File monitor service from the list. In the File monitor options, select the ISA Server logfile for “File and path name”. The File monitor service can be configured to check the file in very small time intervals, e.g. 1 second, so the monitoring is even near realtime.
The 2.x release of MonitorWare Agent has a special option for logging W3C-WebServer logfiles.

Once the file monitor is completely configured, you can setup MonitorWare Agent to perform various actions, such as sending an email or a syslog message. Please also see the FAQ “How can I forward IIS logs to a syslog deamon?” for information on IIS logfile monitoring and forwarding.

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