MonitorWare Agent as Syslog and SETP Server

Created 2003-04-04 by Wajih-ur-Rehman.

If I am forwarding the data from different MonitorWare Agents via SETP to a central MonitorWare Agent acting as a SETP Server, will I be able to send Syslog messages to this central server too?

Yes you will be able to send the Syslog Messages to the same MonitorWare Agent as well. The reason is that MonitorWare Agent has the capability of acting as a Syslog Server as well as the SETP Server simultaneously. So not only your Windows machines can forward the events via SETP protocol but also any other machine that generates syslog messages can forward the data using Syslog. Both kind of messages (SETP and Syslog) will be picked up by the Central MonitorWare Agent (but obviously you would need to configure it in such a way that it can do this)

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