Performance Tests and Results

Determining the overall performance of a tool is not an easy task. Adiscon sometimes gets asked what the actual performance values for products like WinSyslog and MonitorWare Agent are, especially the processing rate of received syslog messages. This cannot be answered easily, because there are a lot of factors to be considered.

Here are the results:


Messages per Second33.000128.000

The factor that mostly influences the performance of Adiscon’s tools is of course the hardware used. But, other factors like overall system load, network load and the size of the messages can influence how fast the messages are processed.

Thus, we decided to do some tests. The results do not reflect any real world examples though, but will show what is possible in a somehow ideal environment.

As a test environment we used the following hardware:

  • PC with a Intel i7-4790S @ 3.2GHz
  • 32GB RAM
  • SSD Harddrive
  • Windows 10
  • MonitorWare Agent with the most default and basic configuration to receive and store syslog messages
  • Virtual machine with Ubtuntu running tcpflood from the rsyslog testbench to insert syslog messages

The system we tested on is a relatively common PC hardware with the above mentioned specifications. We used a virtual machine to run tcpflood (from the rsyslog testbench) to send bulks of syslog messages to MonitorWare Agent. MWAgent on the other hand was configured to just act as a syslog receiver and to store the messages into a text file on the SSD. No filters, no additional processing. The whole setup was running on the same machine. We tested with UDP and TCP transmission. The tested volumes were 1 million messages.