2005-04-04 MonitorWare Agent 3.0 Released

MonitorWare Agent 3.0 Released

Adiscon is proud to announce the release of MonitorWare Agent 3.0. Principal features enhancements include new probe services, more user friendly user interface, MonitorWare configuration wizard and many more.

“MonitorWare Agent 3.0 that is equipped with improved SNMP implementation, new services and other enhancements is the result of our commitment to optimal system monitoring and open standards. I would especially like to thank our entire beta testers which really helped us to come up with a real world product features”, says Adiscon President Rainer Gerhards.

This release has ultimately helped us to increase the flexibility of our suite of products. MonitorWare Agent 3.0 offers many enhancements, both from a usability point of view as well as from the actual feature set. The most highlighted additions are listed below:

Highlighted Additions

  • Protocol-specific probes have been added. These new probes support FTP, HTTP, IMAP, NNTP, POP3 and SMTP. Thanks to their native protocol support, they allow better alive monitoring of the respective servers, being more precise than the previous generic TCP probe (which of course is still supported).
  • Greatly enhanced SNMP support makes MIB decoding and parsing fully supported.
  • New CPU Monitor monitors CPU and memory utilization.
  • The File Monitor now supports UNICODE files. Also, the previously fixed line terminator can now be configured (a life-saver for “strange” log formats).
  • The Syslog server’s TCP support has been enhanced and the server has been improved in general. Thanks to these changes, these offer even better integration to Syslog-ng on the Unix side.
  • Many configuration program enhancements have been done by providing simpler user interface, new wizards, new shortcut keys, cut & paste capabilities … and much more…
  • The database monitor has been enhanced, now it is even more customizable, support for Oracle is improved and also provides different “canned” message formats.
  • Enhanced SETP client and server allow compressed transmission modes and fine-tunable session timeout settings. This greatly improves SETP performance.
  • Support for DBCS character sets has been increased, especially in the area of the Event Log Monitor.
  • Performance enhancements like intelligent caching of resolved user IDs in the Event Log Monitor and faster “Write to database” action have been incorporated.
  • Ability to send SNMP traps upon detection of an event, ability to forward any message source as a SMTP trap and Syslog message forwarding via SNMP are also the part and parcel of new release.
  • An action HTTP Request is also added, it can be used to simply request a web page with some parameters. This might be useful in order to trigger a web based application with the help of MonitorWare Agent.
  • Control NT service action can be used to control a service, you can Start, Stop, Restart, Pause or continue a service.
  • Compute Status Variable action is added with a new action to increment or decrement a status variable, basically for complex tasks. Currently the “NTServicemonitorAlerter & Recoverer” sample uses this action to implement a reminder.
  • Start Program action is aided with a new option to use the property engine in the parameters variable, which is needed for alert and recovery handling.
  • Two new configuration samples added, Ping Probe Alerter and a NT Service Monitor Alerter & Recoverer. These increase the number of “out of the box” management applications.

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