MonitorWare Agent 12.1 Released (Build-IDs: Service, Client

Release Date: 2018-08-23

Build-IDs: Service, Client


  • RELP Listener Service/Send RELP Action: Updated Librelp library to 1.2.17
  • RELP Listener Service/Send RELP Action: Added TLS support (using OpenSSL library).
  • RELP Listener Service: Added support to configure Internet Protocoltype (IPv4 / IPv6).
  • TLS Support: Added support for anonymous communication (Certless).
  • TLS Support: Added support to enable /disabled TLS communication methods.
  • TLS Support: Added support for setting advanced OpenSSL command parameters.
  • Property Engine: Added new option “cef” to convert a string into McAfee CEF Format.
  • OpenSSL: Added support to pass through OpenSSL diagnostic information into our own debugging system.
  • Lognorm Action: Added support to convert Array types into properties, printing converted properties into debug log now.


  • File Monitor: Fixed issue with REGEX Message Separators when first char of message was matching.
  • Lognorm Action: Fixed issue that stopped Action from working when Output format was set to disabled.
  • Lognorm Action: Fixed issue when shutting down Service or doing a configuration reload when Lognorm Action is used.
  • TLS Support: Removed expired internal certificates

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