MonitorWare Agent 14.4 Released

Release Date: 2023-06-21

Build-IDs: Service, Client


    • Syslog Action: Fixed a very rare case where an Action could try to open **TCP connections** to the same target **multiple times simultaneously**. The handling has been hardened to avoid concurrent connection establishment retries for the same Action.
    • Syslog Action: Fixed error handling when **the** connection fails and Syslog Caching is enabled. If a syslog backup server is enabled, the action will now retry the primary server correctly again after syslog caching has been activated.
    • EventLog Monitor V2: Fixed an issue in XML-Stream Processing that could cause failure in processing an EventLog Message.
    • Send Email: Fixed an issue handling server multiline replies. Some mailservers return multiline replies when additional protocol data is to be returned. In some cases, these additional protocol data **were** not detected correctly, causing the Action to fail.
    • LogRotate: Corrected error reporting when the feature is not available **due to** licensing.
    • Network Core: **Enhanced stability** during closing connections.

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