Does UNC Pathes work for WinSyslog, EventReporter and MonitorWare Agent ?

Created 2003-11-21 by Tamsila-Q-Siddique.

When UNC (\\severname\sharename\path) was given in the file path (in your defined “Write to File” action) Winsyslog, Eventreporter and MonitorWare Agent didn’t work?

Yes, UNC works for Winsyslog, Eventreporter and MonitorWare Agent, but due to Windows design you must meet some pre-requisites to enable them to actually work. They do NOT work in the default configuration. This is because WinSyslog, EventReporter and MonitorWare Agent are installed to be running under the Windows local system account. This account is restricted from network I/O by Windows design. To use a UNC name from a service (like WinSyslog, EventReporter and MonitorWare Agent ), please do the following:

  1. Create an account that has permissions to actually access the UNC share
  2. Then, you must grant it “log on a service” rights so that the service can use it.
  3. Also make sure that it has permissions to access all local resources needed.
  4. Then, go to Windows Services Manager and change the service account to the new one.
  5. Now you are able to access the UNC share.

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