How to monitor a file on a remote machine?

Created on 2003-08-07 by Michael Meckelein.

By default, MonitorWare Agent service uses the local system account. This account has no permission on remote machines. If you want to monitor a file on a remote system, the MonitorWare Agent service must log on as a user with administrator rights. This user must be exist on both system, local and remote. Also be sure, that the password is equal on all machines or – preferrably – use a domain account.

Here are the steps for monitoring a file on a remote machine:

  1. Add a File Monitor servicefilemonitor
  2. Use an UNC name for ‘File and path name’, e.g. \\remotemachine\share\filename.log
  3. Go to administrative tools -> Services
  4. Right click on AdisconMonitorWareAgent and select properties
  5. Select the ‘Log On’ tab and check Log on as: ‘This account’
  6. Enter a user with admin rights, this user must still exit on the remote machine!logontab

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