System Requirements for Monitoring NetWare Files

System Requirements for Monitoring NetWare Files

Created on 2003-08-08 by Rainer Gerhards.
Updated on 2004-06-16 by Tamsila-Q-Siddique.

MonitorWare Agent needs to access files on NetWare via an UNC share. It is known that some versions of the Novell and/or Microsoft software have some issues with services accessing files on a UNC share on NetWare.

Microsoft acknowledges that there is a problem in Windows 2000 without any service pack. For more information, go to:;EN-US;250502

However, we had the same problem with Windows 2000 SP1. It was resolved when SP3 was installed.

So as a general advice, we strongly recommend using the latest Microsoft service pack available for your operating system. If you are using the Novell Client, you should also use the most recent one.