How To setup a Forward via Syslog Action

How To setup a Forward via Syslog Action

Article created 2007-02-15 by Florian Riedl.

1. First we define a new rule set. Right-click “Rules”. A pop up menu will appear. Select “Add Rule Set” from this menu. On screen, it looks as follows:

2. Then, a wizard starts. Change the name of the rule to whatever name you like. We will use “Forward syslog” in this example. The screen looks as follow:

Click “Next” to go on with the next step.

3. Select only Forward via Syslog. Do not select any other options for this sample. Also, leave the “Create a Rule for each of the following actions” setting selected. Click “Next”. You will see a confirmation page. Click “Finish” to create the rule set.

4. As you can see, the new Rule Set “Forward syslog” is present. Please expand it in the tree view until the action level of the “Forward syslog” Rule and select the “Forward syslog” action to configure.

5. Now, we are going to configure the necessary settings for forwarding via syslog. Type the IP or the hostname of your syslog server into the Syslog Server field in the form. That’s it. You can change the port and protocol if necessary, else leave them on their default value.

6. Finally, make sure you press the “Save” button – otherwise your changes will not be applied. Then start the service and you are done.