MonitorWare Agent 8.0 Released (Build-IDs: Service 8.0.411, Client 8.0.1342)

MonitorWare Agent 8.0 Released

Build-IDs: Service 8.0.411, Client 8.0.1342

New Additions

  • Added new Action called Send MSQueue:
    This action can send messages to the Microsoft Message Queuing Server. It is possible to customize the Queue Label, Priority    and Queue Body. The Queue Body contains the message property by default as UNICODE (UTF16) string. In order to use this action, you need to have the Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) Server installed.
  • Added support for IPv6:
    Support for IPv6 has been added into all network related facilities of the engine. All network related actions will automatically detect IPv6 and IPv4 target addresses if configured. You can also use DNS resolution to resolve valid IPv6 addresses. Network related Services can either use IPv4 or IPv6 as internet protocol. In order to support both protocols, you will need to create two services. The only exception is the RELP Listener, which uses IPv4 and IPv6 automatically if available.
  • SMTP Listener Service:
    Added support for accepting connections using the extended SMTP EHLO command.
  • SETP service / Action:
    Extended MonitorWare SETP Protocol to V3. If Sender and Server support V3 or higher, UTF8 is now used to encode/decode messages. This maintains the correct character encoding after the messages is received and rebuild internally.
  • ODBC / OLEDB Action:
    Implemented OutputEncoding for 8Bit (var)char fields. This means we can now write UTF8 encoded messages into varchar fields.
  • Syslog Listener Service:
    Added option to add ProcID into SyslogTag for RFC 5424 Header parsing. This was previously default. The Option is disabled by default now making it easier to filter for the SyslogTag.
    Added option to Force UTF8 Decoding in Syslog Service. A new Encoding configuration tab lets you decide, if you which to automatically detect the encoding, force UTF8 decoding, or use system default encoding.
  • Core Engine:
    Added Performance fix for UTF conversion for empty strings.
    Enhanced SSL Security in all network related Services.
  • EventLog Monitor V2:
    Added support for polling EventLog Records. This works almost like in the old EventLog Monitor, the Eventlog channel is polled frequently and new EventLog records are processed only. By default, the “Subscription Model” is used which processed events in Realtime.
    Added support to read and process EVTX files. This requires the new “Eventlog Polling” method. It is also possible to update the EVTX files while MonitorWare Agent is running.
  • Upgraded internal NET-SNMP library to version 5.6.1.
  • SNMP Trap Receiver / Monitor / Send SNMP Action:
    Added support for IPv4/IPv6 and TCP/UDP. A combination of UDP/TCP and IPv4/IPv6 can now be configured.
  • Bugfixes

  • Send Email Action:
    Fixed an issue in Datestring creation of the Emailheader (Send Email Action). The first digit pair of the time was not correctly build with two digits as per RFC2822. Restrict Mailclients could not handle this.
  • Syslog Listener Service:
    Fixed UTF8 Encoding detection for Syslog RFC 5254 formatted messages. This includes the BOM starting before the Syslog message, and not the Syslog Header.
  • SNMP Trap Monitor and Receiver:
    Hardened both Services against invalid SNMP data.
  • You can download Free Trial Version of MonitorWare Agent.