MonitorWare Agent 8.2 Released (Build-IDs: Service 8.2.418, Client 8.2.1358)

MonitorWare Agent 8.2 Released

Build-IDs: Service 8.2.418, Client 8.2.1358


  • File Monitor:
    Added support for the option “Skip all lines on Startup” when monitoring multiple files (Wildcard Option). The handling was originally designed when the File Monitor inly supported one single file.
  • Database Monitor:
    Added new option called “Close connection after each Check Interval”. This option is needed for unstable ODBC Drivers. What happens is that MonitorWare Agent closes the Database connection after each iteration. This causes some performance overhead, but if used with sleep times above one second, this shouldn’t be a big problem.
  • Write File Action:
    Added new Option “Clear logfile instead of deleting (File will be reused)” used along with circular logging. When this option is enabled, Files are truncated instead of being deleted and recreated.



  • SNMP Trap Receiver:
    Fixed missing source property for received SNMPv1 traps. This Bug was introduced in 8.0 due the IPv6 changes.


You can download Free Trial Version of MonitorWare Agent.