Timestamp in field “ReceivedAt” and “DeviceReportedTime” stored in the database is wrong ?

Updated 2003-12-05 by Tamsila-Q-Siddique

The local PC-Time and other reported device time is correct but the the time stamp in “RecievedAt” and “DeviceReportedTime” field stored in the database is wrong ?

The time in field “ReceivedAt” and “DeviceReportedTime” which is stored in the Database Table (e.g. MySQL, SQL Server) isn’t actually wrong. In the database logging action (the one you had defined) the value for these fields are set to UTC by default. Because of this setting you would see a time difference in the database. For example a person living in UK, won’t even notice this because he is actually on UTC!

Please do the following if you face this situation:
1. Go into the action that you had defined for Database Logging.
2. Set the time for “ReceivedAt” and “DeviceReportedTime” to “Localtime”.

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