2003-12-15 MonitorWare Agent 2.0 Beta

MonitorWare Agent 2.0 Beta

  • Now available in three different editions – to tailor it to your exact needs.
  • SNMP Trap functionality – MonitorWare Agent 2.0 brings the ability to receive SNMP Traps.
  • SETP Server: SSL Encryption – The SETP server now offers SSL and TLS encryption.
  • Send SETP action – Supports SSL and TLS encryption now.
  • File monitor service supports W3C Webserver logfiles – In the file monitor service, you can now select the type of the logfile to be monitored. W3C compliant logfiles are now supported separately.
  • Forward via email action – Fully configurable mail message field using string variables: %syslogfacility%, %syslogpriority%, %source% and %msg%
  • Forward via email action – New option “Use Legacy subject line processing”
  • Write to file action – New option for file format: “Custom”. Brings customizable line format with variables like %msg% and %$CRLF%.
  • Extended Filter options – The new SNMP Trap service brings a set of filters. Filter by: Community, Enterprise, Generic name, Version and Uptime.
  • “How To…”- Context links – Added useful links to web resources in context menus.
  • Client Options – Option to automatically change the SETP Port to 4433 if SSL is enabled.
  • 12 hour clock system – Now supports 12 hour clock system.
  • Generates helpful scripts – MonitorWare Agent 2.0 creates a NameValue Pair (after parsing the incoming messages) and stores this (NameValue Pair) in a separate table. This helps e.g. MonitorWare Console to generate more meaningful reports from this additional information. This additional information can also be helpful for use with other custom scripts.