2003-12-15 MonitorWare Agent 2.0 Beta

Monday, December 15th, 2003

MonitorWare Agent 2.0 Beta

  • Now available in three different editions – to tailor it to your exact needs.
  • SNMP Trap functionality – MonitorWare Agent 2.0 brings the ability to receive SNMP Traps.
  • SETP Server: SSL Encryption – The SETP server now offers SSL and TLS encryption.
  • Send SETP action – Supports SSL and TLS encryption now. (more…)

2001-11-30 MonitorWare Agent 1.0 Beta 2

Friday, November 30th, 2001

MonitorWare Agent 1.0 Beta 2

Much enhanced release, now feature complete. The numerous changes will not be listed separately as there are so many. The Beta 2 release is expected to be very close to the final production code.