MonitorWare Agent 1.3 Released

Adiscon today announced the immediate availability of MonitorWare Agent 1.3.
This version supports reliable syslog delivery via TCP. TCP syslog is implemented based on the
new RFC 3195 and thus is standards-compliant.

“I am proud we are the first worldwide to deliver a RFC 3195 compliant logging solution for the Windows platform”, says President Rainer Gerhards. “It once again shows Adiscon’s commitment to lead the
development of mission-critical logging solutions.”

The 1.3 release supports RFC 3195 for sending AND receiving syslog messages. This functionality is the top new feature of this release. While we intended to provide the server as part of the 2.0 release, we decided to move it into 1.3 so that all current customers can enjoy the benefits of reliable logging immediately. Other than that, the 1.3 release provide some bug fixes as well as some improvements in usability and the documentation.

MonitorWare Agent 1.3 is a free download found at Adiscon’s web site. Registered users please note that
the 1.0 license key remains valid for version 1.3.

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