2004-01-06 MonitorWare Agent 2.0 released

MonitorWare Agent 2.0 Released

Adiscon today announced the immediate availability of MonitorWare Agent 2.0.
“I am pleased to announce the new 2.0 version” says president Rainer Gerhards “With this release, we managed to even further increase the fexibility of our flagship monitoring agent”

MonitorWare Agent has many improvements targeting increased flexiblity. For example, web server log
files can now much easier be used inside filters. The email and file formats are much butter customizable. Overall,
the filter engine has been improved to allow custom properties. The configuration program has additional
usability tools. There are many improvements all over the product. Also new is the ability to encrypt the SETP data stream and a SMTP trap receiver and generator.

MonitorWare Agent version 2 comes in different editions, so that you can tailor it exactly to your needs.

UpgradeInsurance customers should contact Adiscon customer service for a free 2.0 Professional key. Customers who purchased MonitorWare Agent after 2003-11-15 are also entitled to a free 2.0 Professional upgrade key. Finally, Adiscon customer service should also be contacted if you intend to purchase an upgrade.

MonitorWare Agent 2.0 is a free download found at Adiscon’s web site.