2004-01-16 Hotfix for MonitorWare Agent 2.0 released

Hotfix for MonitorWare Agent 2.0 released

During code review, Adiscon has found a potential bug in MonitorWare Agent which can lead to an agent abort (addressing fault) when the “discard” action is used. We have not yet received any customer reports on this problem. However, we advise all customers to apply the hotfix. Please note that this bug is not depending on the data from processed events, so it can not be exploited as a security weakness.

The hotfix can be downloaded from


It is a ZIP file, with only one file that needs to be replaced. No configuration needs to be done.

Please note that all install sets downloaded 2003-01-17 or later already contain the hotfixed version. So there is no need to apply the hotfix if you use a version downloaded later than that date.