2004-09-10 MonitorWare Agent 2.1 ServicePack 1 – Patch Released

Patches for MonitorWare Agent 2.1 Service Pack 1

Adiscon today announced the immediate availability of patches for MonitorWare Agent 2.1 SP1.
These patches address some minor issues.

  • There was an issue that prevented the “NT Event Type” property to be correctly interpreted.
  • There was a bug in the “Send Syslog” action that could cause message text alteration if two or
    more “Send Syslog” actions were executed for the same message AND message text replacement was used in an action other than the last.
  • Two new advanced options have been added to the Event Log Monitor service. They were requested for a specific customer scenario, but could also be generally useful:
    1. Do NOT process existing entries when Eventlog corruption occurs (Event 1011 related)
    2. Do NOT process existing entries on Service Startup
  • There was a bug that could lead to registry file corruption if multi-line comments or messages were configured. Only customers working directly with registry files were affected.
  • There was a very small memory leak when actions were disabled.

All Monitorware Agent 2.1 SP1 downloads completed after 2004-09-10 already contain the patches.
There is no need to apply them separately. Versions downloaded before that date can be updated by installing a patch set.