How to use Stored Procedures with ‘write database’?

How to use Stored Procedures with ‘write database’?

Created 2007-05-08 by Rainer Gerhards.

MonitorWare Agent and
WinSyslog support stored procedures in
their ‘write database’ actions.
This option is supported for Microsoft SQL
Server only. With other database systems, it might work, but Adiscon does not
guarantee it.

Stored procedures are used just like database tables. The main difference is
that instead of the table name, the stored procedure name is provided and
instead of field names, parameters are provided. An example configuration looks
like this:

Using stored procedures with WinSyslog, MonitorWare Agent and EventReporter

The field order is relevant. Fields will be passed in that order as stored
procedure arguments. In the sample above, “Message” becomes sp argument 1 and “Priority”
argument 2. Of course, users need to supply the actual stored procedure. The
configuration above could be used with a stored procedure like this:

Please note that processing within the stored procedure is the user’s
responsibility. Most importantly, a stored procedure should not take too long to
execute, because this might affect overall product performance.