My license key seems not to work – what to do?

My license key seems not to work – what to do?

Created 2003-03-28 by Wajih-ur-Rehman.

I entered my license information through the client interface but it still says that it is a “trial version”. How to solve this problem?

Following are some of the reasons for your problem:

  1. If your license name does not have a space at the end, make sure that you dont put the space at the end.
  2. license name is case sensitive.
  3. Your license name would be entered without the double quotes at the start and end.
  4. We recommend that you copy the characters present within the double quotes of the license name that was sent to you (but without the double quotes) and paste it in the required field.

Even after going through the above 4 mentioned points, the problem is not solved, kindly send us your license information that you recieved.