2003-02-25 MonitorWare Agent 1.2

MonitorWare Agent 1.2

  • New Scaleable Filterengine -The new filter engine as very powerful, you can build complex filter conditions like known from Microsoft Network Monitor. A note for existing MonitorWare Agent Users. After update, you have to start the MWAgent Client first. This is important, because it will automatically import your existing filters into the new Filter system. If you are new to this kind of filtering, I recommend that you read the Filter Conditions part of the manual before you start to play with the filters.
  • New Actions Call RuleSet Action – this Action is used to call another RuleSet for processing. Set Status Action – Used to set an internal status variable. Can be used together with the Status Filter. The manual will contain more information about the Status Engine in future.
  • Add Comments – You can Add Comments under Services, RuleSets, Rules and Actions now. This is useful if you want to write down some notes.
  • New Import / Export functions – It is now possible to Import or Export the registry settings by using a binary format.
  • Import / Export RuleSets – You can Import / Export complete RuleSets into a XML Based format (Right click a RuleSet). This can be very useful if you want to duplicate RuleSets for example. The Client uses its own file extension here (.mwx = MonitorWare XML) which is also bound to the Client. That means double-clicking such a File will automatically invoke the Client to import the RuleSet.
  • Syslog Service – Enhanced the message handling (RFC 3164) to also accept not valid RFC Syslog tags.
  • Event Log Monitor – Added new option for the legacy format: Add Logtype. Added a button to configure for Monilog as well.
  • File Logging Action enhanced – There is a new option “Use circular logging” available. You can specify a number of logfiles and a maximum file size for circular logging.
  • Database Logging Action enhanced – You can now use the new function “Create Database” to create a MonitorWare Agent valid database.
  • MW Agent Client enhancements – All fields which specifies seconds are replaced with a Combobox with predefined time values. It is also possible to configure custom values.
  • Minor bugfixes in the MW Agent Client – Fixed minor problems in the Filterimport function.