2003-08-26 MonitorWare Agent 1.3

MonitorWare Agent 1.3

  • RFC 3195 Support(Client) – MonitorWare Agent now supports reliable syslog delivery via TCP when sending syslog messages. TCP syslog is implemented based on the new RFC 3195 and thus is standards-compliant.
  • RFC 3195 Support(Server) – The syslog listener service now also supports TCP syslog messages based on RFC3195.
  • Service bugfix – When logging Event data into a file in legacy format, the trailing “got lost” . This has been corrected now.
  • Event Log Filter Conditions, new functionality – Added new compare method “is equal” and “is not equal” for String type Filters, changed Filter EventLog Severity from INT to STRING and added predefined selection for filtering EventLog Severity and EventLog Type. This makes advanced filter conditions much more user friendly and more powerful.
  • Minor web access bugfix – there was a minor bug in the web access add-on component, which was fixed.
  • Usability issues fixed – Adding Services, Rulesets, Rules and Actions is now also possible from one level lower than before.
  • New Manual – The new version of MonitorWare Agent comes with a streamlined version of the manual that uses online resources.