MonitorWare Agent 10.1 Released (Build-IDs: Service 10.1.453, Client 10.1.1538)

MonitorWare Agent 10.1 Released

Build-IDs: Service 10.1.453, Client 10.1.1538


  • All internal errors are now logged into the EventLog when “Event Warnings” are enabled in general options.
  • Added Rule Date Conditions. By default a rule will always be processed. It can be set to only process messages generated since the installation or custom date.
  • Syslog Server: Added new Option to save original source into custom property when using “Take Source system from Syslog message” option.
  • SNMP Trap Receiver: Added option for resolving Snmp OID in short format (Last Portion only).
  • Added new service called “Passive SyslogListener”: This is basically a TCP Listener who sends cached syslog messages (Fille by a Syslog Queue Action) to any client that connects.
  • Added new action called “Syslog Queue Action”: This is a diskbased queue action who stores syslog formatted message into queuefiles. Syslog Queues can be processed and cleared by the Passive SyslogListener only.
  • File Monitor: Files are now opened with FILE_SHARE_DELETE flag which enables other applications to del


  • SSL Connections: Fixed an issue not using custom configured certificates when TLS anon mod was used.
  • FileConfig Mode: Fixed a bug loading filters properly. Also added support for reloading data variables automatically.
  • Core Engine: Fixed an internal processing bug caused when rebuilding Messages from cache files.
  • Syslog Server: RFC 5424 header parsing fixed, a timestamp can be a NILVALUE now.
  • Syslog Server: Fixed bug ignoring “Take Source system from Syslog message” option when UDP was used.

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