MonitorWare Agent 9.1 Released (Build-IDs: Service 9.1.430, Client

MonitorWare Agent 9.1 Released

Build-IDs: Service 9.1.430, Client


  • EventLog Monitor V2:
    Added support for Remote EventLog Monitoring. In order to work, make sure that the following requirements on the remote machine are met:

    • 1. The Service is configured to run with a administrative user who has rights on the local and remote machine.
    • 2. The Windows Event Collector Service is enabled and running on the remote machine.
    • 3. The Firewall on the remote machine (if enabled) allows access to Remote Event Log Management.
    • 4. The configured User is member of the “Event Log Readers” group on the remote machine.
  • Added new option “Process unknown/unconfigured Eventlog Channgels” which is enabled by default. Uncheck this option if you want to make sure that only selected Eventlog Channels should be monitored.
  • Updated librelp library to last v1 stable version 1.0.7.
  • File Action: Added file segmentation support for files above 2gb
  • Send Email Action: Added support for UTF8, SHIFT-JIS, JIS and EUC-JP encoded subjects.
  • Lognorm Action:
    Added option to specify output type as XML, CSV, JSN (Stored into a custom property)
    Event Fields are stored into the Property Engine now.


  • File Action: File Size checking is now done before writing into files, this avoids writing into files that already reached their limits.
  • SNMP Trap Receiver: Fixed minor memory leak which occurred when receiving SNMP Traps.
  • HTTP Probe: Fixed HTTP Connection Close handling causing http 400 error log entries on IIS.

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