2009-04-06 MonitorWare Agent 6.1 Final Released

MonitorWare Agent 6.1 Released

Adiscon is proud to announce the 6.1 release of MonitorWare Agent. This is a minor release including new features and minor bugfixes. The most important changes are:

  • Enhanced Encoding support – Support for UTF8, JIS, EUC-JP have been enhanced and support for SHIFT-JIS has been added. All of these encodings can now be safely used in the Forward Syslog or Email Action. The Syslog Server needs to be able to detect encodings.
  • New File Monitor features – Added support for unlimited subdirectories and files when the advanced option “Allow Directories or read multiple files” is enabled, this means folders will be scanned recursive. Added support to replace NULL Bytes with spaces.
  • Backup Syslog Server – The Forward Syslog Action now has an option to use a backup Syslog server which will automatically used when the primary Syslog server fails.
  • Added New Filters – Added missing InformationUnit Type filters.
  • Updated web interface – Updated the included Webinterface to phpLogCon 2.7.0 which has better performance and some new features.
  • Improved automation support – when using the configuration client program for batch-import xml-based configuration files, error messages will now be reported in console output rather then in message boxes.

For more details read the version history

Version 6.1 is a free download, but requires a version 6 key. Customers with existing 5.x keys can contact our Sales department for upgrade prices. If you have a valid Upgrade Insurance ID, you can request a free new key by sending your Upgrade Insurance ID to sales@adiscon.com. Please note that the download enables the free 30-day trial version if used without a key – so you can right now go ahead and evaluate it.