2009-04-06 MonitorWare Agent 6.1 Final (Build Service 6.1.374/Client 6.1.1265)

MonitorWare Agent 6.1 Released

Build-IDs: Service 6.1.374, Client 6.1.1265

New Additions

  • File Monitor
    – Added a new advanced option to replace NULL bytes inside a file with spaces. This makes it possible to monitor files which include NULL bytes. Spaces again can be compressed automatically.
    – Added support for unlimited subdirectories and files when the advanced option “Allow Directories or read multiple files” is enabled. This means folders will be scanned for files recursive.
  • Forward Syslog Action
    – Implemented a “Backup Syslogserver” option. The backup server is automatically used if the connection to the primary server fails. The Action will automatically retry to reach the main server when the next syslog session is opened.
    – Enhanced UTF8 Encoding support in Forward Syslog Action. The Syslog Server needs to be able to detect UTF8 headers.
  • Core Engine
    – Enhanced support for encoding and decoding Syslog messages using UTF8, EUC-JP and JIS(ISO-2022JP).
    – Added support for SHIFT_JIS encoding. In order to use any of these encodings, the code pages need to be installed on the system. See the windows locales configuration for more.
  • Syslog Listener Service
    Added support for detecting UTF8 and other encoding headers. In order to use UTF8 or other encodings, the Syslog sender needs to prepend the header before the syslog message. The automatic detection of these encodings can be disabled.
  • New Filters
    Added missing InformationUnit Type filters for Event Log Monitor V2, SMTP Listener, SNMP Monitor and RELP Listener
  • Forward Email Action
    Added support for the “Content-Type” header, so mail clients will be able to display mails with the correct encoding.

Bug Fixes

  • Configuration Client
    – When creating a new EventLog Monitor V2, the subkeys for the Event channels were not created automatically. This has been fixed now.
    – When using the configuration client in console mode to import configuration files, error messages were reported in messages boxes. This has been changed to standard console output now.
  • DNS Cache
    Due a wrong internal check, the DNS-Cache was always used, even if disabled.
  • Forward Syslog Action
    When UTF8 Encoding was used, 2 or more bytes could be missing at the end of a message.
  • EventLog Monitor V2
    Fixed the %cageroy% and $catname% properties. They work now exactly like in the old EventLog Monitor.
  • EventLog Monitor
    Fixed checksum comparison bug during startup. This bug only applied if the advanced option “Always search for the last processed Event using the Checksum” was enabled.

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