2007-01-22 MonitorWare Agent 4.3 Final (Build Service 4.3.323/Client 4.3.1099)

Monday, January 22nd, 2007

MonitorWare Agent 4.3 Released

Build-IDs: Service 4.3.323, Client 4.3.1099

New Additions

  • New EventLog Monitor V2 ServiceA new Service has been added to fully support the new EventLog of Windows Vista. Currently the Service is just called EventLog Monitor V2 and can only be configured and used on Windows Vista or Windows Longhorn Server. This new Service fully supports the new EventLog structure, the new Channels and so on. Please note that this is the initial release of the new EventLog Monitor, slight enhancements and changes will follow in future versions. Currently we fully support Serviced Channels only, which also includes all classic EventLogs. To gain support for fully reading the new Vista EventLog, we highly recommend to use the new Service. (more…)