2007-07-03 MonitorWare Agent 4.4 Final (Build Service 4.4.332/Client 4.4.1137)

MonitorWare Agent 4.4 Released

Build-IDs: Service 4.4.332, Client 4.4.1137

New Additions

  • RFC 3195 Changes

    Enhanced Syslog/BEEP implementation for better interoperability with Cisco’s implementation in IOS. The BEEP support has been in our products for a long time, but so far no major vendor offered BEEP support. Now that a first major vendor implementation is available, we need to tweak a few protocol parameters to make it fully interoprable. This has happened now.
  • Property Engine

    Added new property $NOW, which is the local time in the format YYYY-MM-DD HH.MM.SS. Note that “.” is used instead of “:” in the timestamp to make this value suitable for filename-generation.
  • Core Engine

    – Enhanced performance of debuglogging and added more debug outputs into certain areas of the Agent.
    – Implemented advanced memory management which is available on Windows XP/2003 and higher. This will speeds up overall processing in general depending on your Services and Actions.
  • Property Engine

    Added property replacer option “compsp”, to compress spaces inside a property

Bug Fixes

  • PortProbe If the hostname was to long, this could cause the portprobe to fail interally if the portprobe failed resolving the DNS Name.
  • SendEmail/Syslog ActionThis bugfix applies for TCP based operations of these both actions. A Send/Receive TimeOut of 30 seconds has beend added into into these actions to avoid possible lockdown of the service.
  • EventLog Monitor (SID Cache)A bug has been fixed which could occur when a SID could not sucessfully resolved could lead to unexpected internal EventLog Monitor Service interruptions.
  • Syslog Action

    Fixed a bug where a UDP socket send returned with “WSAEMSGSIZE (10040) Message too long” when an oversize packet was tried to be sent. The message is now simply truncated, there is no other option available to handle such cases.
  • Rule Engine

    Fixed a bug that could cause the product to become unresponsive after a action failed to process.
  • Property Engine

    Fixed a bug which could lead to invalid detections of search strings.
  • Syslog ListenerThis bug concerns the UDP and TCP listener only. A problem with RFC3164 parsing could lead to an internal crash of the Syslog Listener. This condition happened very
    seldom, depending on some syslog messages. This Bug has been fixed now.

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