2008-03-31 MonitorWare Agent 5.2 Final (Build Service 5.2.348/Client 5.1.1196)

MonitorWare Agent 5.2 Released

Build-IDs: Service 5.2.348, Client 5.2.1196

New Additions

  • InterActive SyslogViewer
    With this release, we are introducing a new tool for Realtime Syslog viewing called “Interactive SyslogViewer”. This application is written in Microsoft .Net which means, the .Net Framework will also be installed with the setup.

    The new application has most of the features from the older application, and also new possibilities. The utility can also view and filter data from a MonitorWare database.

  • Service SNMP Monitor
    Added a new Service to monitor SNMP Devices using the SNMP Get Method. There are many snmp capable devices out there which can be monitored with this new service. More information can be found in the product documentation.
  • Send Email Action
    Added support for SSL over SMTP. This means you can use a secured connection to SMTP Servers. Note that the common default port for SMTP over SSL is 465. If you enable SSL Support and use a normal SMTP Server, the email delivery will fail.
  • Queue Manager
    Added a new major feature, Queue Manager Diskcache. This feature enables the Agent to cache items in its internal queue on disk using a fixed data file.
    Please be warned that this feature will slow down processing speed depending on your hard disk speed. This feature can give you an additional level of failover support.
  • File Monitor
    Added full support for UTF Textfiles which means we now support UTF8, UTF16 and normal ASCII text files.
  • Filter Engine
    Added a new Extended Property type for number based properties, so you can filter for custom properties as numbers.
  • General SNMP Change
    Updated all NET-SNMP MIBS which are shipped with MWAgent, and also introduced custom enterprise MIBS for Monitorware Agent. These Mibs will now be used by default in the SendSNMP Action, to generate useful traps.

Bug Fixes

  • EventLog Monitor V2
    – Events from this source are now correctly received by the SETP Server.
  • Syslog Server
    – Fixed a bug in the ReceiverLoop of the Syslog TCP Server. Messages above 8192 Bytes could fail to receive correctly.
    – Fixed a bug where the Syslog Cache did not work when the Agent was started, and the Syslog target already was down.
    – A crash could occurre very seldom under stress circumstances and Syslog TCP Forwarder was used (persistent connection). The TCP Close handing has been hardened against this crash, but you might find an error event in the application EventLog when this issue occurs.
    – In very seldom cases empty UDP Messages could be accepted and processed. This will not happen anymore.
  • PortProbe
    – A bug introduced in the 5.x Version caused invalid messages generated by the PortProbe. This has been fixed now.
  • SNMPTrap Receiver
    – Fixed Source Property in the SNMP Trap Receive, the correct source is now set.
  • Core Engine
    – The Service Core has been updated to use the latest Microsoft C-Runtime library.
    – Corrected incorrect client license counter, which could lead to smaller number of licenses than purchased.
  • Forward Syslog Action
    – Fixed a bug in the RealSource Option, the proper “source” was not set correctly after opening a syslog session.
  • Send SNMP Action
    – Fixed a bug which randomly caused the SNMP Action to fail reading the configured variable OIDs.

You can download Free Trial Version of MonitorWare Agent.