2009-06-22 MonitorWare Agent 6.2 Final (Build Service 6.2.380/Client 6.2.1293)

MonitorWare Agent 6.2 Released

Build-IDs: Service 6.2.380, Client 6.2.1293

New Additions

  • Windows 7 Compatibility
    – Has been tested and fully working on Windows 7 RC Build 7100 or higher.
  • Added Free Tools
    – Added free tools like Adiscon logger, logzip and logviewer into the setup. These tools will be available from the tools folder.
  • Syslog Listener Service
    – Added support for Syslog RFC5424 Header detection and decoding. This also involves new useable Syslog properties.
  • Forward Syslog Action
    – Added support to choose between RFC3164, RFC5424 and a custom defined Syslog header in the Forward Syslog Action.
  • EventLog Monitor V1
    – The Client will now automatically detect and load available EventLog types during the first startup.
  • Database Monitor
    – Added option to customize the csv separator in the DB Monitor Service.
  • File Monitor
    – Added new property %generatedbasefilename% which contains the generated filename without the full path.
  • Property Engine
    – Implemented new property replacer options “date-rfc3339” and “date-rfc3164” which can be used to get different date formats.
    – Added new Syslog properties: %syslogprifac%, %syslogver%, %syslogappname%, %syslogprocid%, %syslogmsgid%, %syslogstructdata%
  • Installation
    – A Windows Firewall exception for the service process is now automatically added during the installation routine.
  • Configuration Client
    – Added support to overwrite all Advanced Options at once in the EventLog Monitor V2.

Bug Fixes

  • Configuration Client
    – Fixed an issue reading Channels in EventLog Monitor V2 after Internet Explorer 8 was installed.
  • DNS Cache
    – The cache has been hardened against race conditions.
  • Syslog Listener Service
    – Added a check to avoid processing empty TCP Syslog messages.
    – Fixed a bug in the encoding detection that could lead to invalid decoding of some SHIFT_JIS encoded messages.
  • EventLog Monitor V2
    – Removed logging of registry write / read error’s in EventLog Monitor V2. This avoids unnecessary output in the debug log.
  • Forward Email Action
    – Fixed an issue with the date header. Some mail readers could understand the date format wrong. We are now using UTC in the mail header, to avoid this problem.
    Added “Content-Type” header. This is essential for the mail readers in order to be able to decode messages encoded with UTF8, EUC_JP, JIS or SHIFT_JIS.

You can download Free Trial Version of MonitorWare Agent.