System Properties

System properties are special sequences that can be helpful. They are available with all event types. They are:

$CRLF A Windows newline sequence consisting in the characters CR and LF. If you just need CR, you can use %$CRLF:1:1% and if you need use LF you can use %$CRLF:2:2%

$TAB An US-ASCII horizontal tab (HT, 0x09) character

$HT same as $TAB

$CR A single US-ASCII CR character (shortcut for %$CRLF:1:1%)

$LF A single US-ASCII LF character (shortcut for %$CRLF:2:2%)

$xNN A single character, whoms value (in hexadecimal) is given by NN. NN must be two hexadecimal digits - a leading zero must be used if a value below 16 is to be represented. The value 0 (%x00) is invalid and - if specified - replaced by the “?” character.

As an example, $CR could also be expressed as %$x0d%.

Please note that only one character can be represented. If you need to specify multiple characters, you need multiple $xNN sequences. An example may be $CRLF which could also be specified as %$x0d%%$x0a% (but not as %$x0d0a%).

$NOW Contains the current date and time in the format:


Please note that the time parts are delimited by '.' instead of ':'. This makes the generated name directly suitable for file name generation.

If you need just parts of the timestamp, please use the property replacer’s substring functionality to obtain the desired part. Use

%$NOW:1:4% to get the year,

%$NOW:6:7% to get the month,

%$NOW:1:10% to get the full datestamp,

%$NOW:12:20% to get the full timestamp

$NEWUUID Creates a new UUID (Universally Unique Identifiers), a unique 128-bit integer represented as a 32 digit hexadecimal number.